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With over 40 years of photography experience we now are combining Photography with the latest AI tools.


style and progression

Street, Urban and People

2006 - present

"People are the hardest thing"

Steve would not be the first person to admit that photographing people is one of the most challenging subjects to shoot. Using a Rangefinder with a 34mm to a 45mm lens (old money) is where the artform comes alive according to Steve

Lomagraphic Inspired

2002 - present

​Chromogenic refers to the photographic processes that forms a conventional silver image and then replacing it with a coloured dye. Most films and papers used for color photography today are chromogenic. Lomography uses old film that is out of date, low-quality cameras and cracks of light that distort the final image. 

Big in Japan and now everywhere

Mountains and Landscape

1978 - present

Steve has a life long passion for sea, sky and mountains. Along the way he captures light and darkness that surrounds some of the most intense places on the planet. from Kazakhstan to Darwin or Pembrokeshire to the Kathmandu, Stave has carried a camera 

Steve continues to develop as a photographer and over the past 10 years has been increasingly exploring audio and visual projects as or media channels have emerged. Professionally, Steve mixes visual and audio content in his consulting and learning business as a way to engage audiences with content. 

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