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I offer a full procession service from initial concept to finished media. this includes;

  • Scripting, storyboard and shoot lists

  • Audio and Video shoots with a variety of camera options, including 360 FOV

  • Post production and editing

  • Support with SEO

Contact to discuss options and explore possibilities.

Harley Davidson - Australia

Production of media content for a top motorcycle vlogger and Adventure Riding web business  

Harley Davidson - Australia

Two separate media productions. The first mostly remote shots, product description, key points. The second was mostly shot on the motorcycle, relaxed interview style and voice-over. Both shot on locations around the Sunshine Coast

Typical Projects include;

Here are a few examples of what we can produce;

  • Training and Instructional video

  • Interviews and Webinar content

  • Induction and on-boarding content

  • Documentary style story telling

  • Product reviews and demonstrations

  • Safety Culture and awareness raising content

We are happy to explore what is possible with your media projects needs

Image below was taken in Northern India whilst working with Safety Culture and Story Telling media production.

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