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"Life never goes the way you think"


The first camera in hand not long after walking, He loved black and white pictures over colour, "women mostly look better in B&W" he was too young to shoot girls so tried to capture landscapes, objects, and even dogs,


Then came digital but not before he received dirty payment for weddings and photoshoots using film. At eight he had his own darkroom and lost his first wife to cameras and kayaking


The love affair continued smoldering with early Nikon D series but finally his new muse became fujifilm X, Lomography and he never did get over B&W.   

Cibachrome & me

​Dr. Bela Gasper created Gasparcolor, the dye bleach process upon which the Cibachrome process was originally based. It was considered vital to the war effort in the 1940s. Gaspar turned down many offers to sell the rights to his process and after he died, Paul Dreyfus, who was the chemist and technician for Gaspar, went to work for CIBA AG. When the patents ran out, he developed the process for Cibachrome. (Frozen Moments - Richard C. Miller) In the 1960s, the Cibachrome process was originally engineered by the Ciba Geigy Corporation of Switzerland. Ciba acquired Ilford in 1969, and sold it to International Paper in 1989, in 1992 the product was renamed to "Ilfochrome". Colloquially, however the process is still referred to as "Cibachrome".

(This is an extract from a well known online encyclopedia and describes a time in photography before the age of digital)

Steve aims to bring a fusion of film and digital photographic art that has been inspired by the philosophies of an era past. More a celebration of all that is good since the days of Fox Talbot.

Images he takes follow some simple rules: firstly, the camera does the work, not Photoshop. Secondly, minimal rules, not quite Lomography.

Steve has been a professional photographer - Weddings, Children, Birthdays, Commercials, and Photoshoots for Products and so in. 


CibachromePhotography will take on projects media and video productions, book illustrations, personal portraits feel free to explore your requirements.    

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